If you found your way to this website, you are a seeker of better ways and better days for inner peace, health and well-being.

In your quest to change and improve, you may have had your fill of self-help books and discs, workshops and podcasts, magazine articles, talk shows with experts and YouTube videos.  Have you become clearer or more confused by the information provided?  Have you figured out what works for you and what doesn’t?  Are you feeling exhilarated and hopeful or deflated that despite your time and effort, you are not experiencing permanent success, contentment, joy or happiness?

Have trust and faith in the adage, ‘You will be guided to the right teacher at the right time with the right information to help you.’  Our compassionate human caring, services and workshops may be exactly what you are looking for to support your journey of:

  • Self-awareness
  • Motivation and action
  • Inner peace, harmony and balance
  • Health, healing and wellness
  • Integration of body-mind-spirit
  • Strengthening relationships
  • Guiding the way towards peace at work and in our global community

You are closer than you think to see your life turnaround, Body-Mind-Spirit.

Nutrition Coaching – Assessment, Personalized Plans and Education by Registered Dietitian (R.D.)

Do you have an acute or chronic condition that you need to manage?  Are you struggling with maintaining healthy eating habits?  Are you curious about different eating styles, like mindful eating, Mediterranean diet, plant-based vegetarian diets and the joy of feeding body-mind-soul?

A Registered Dietitian (R.D) will assess your food intake, create a personalized eating plan for you, including information for you to take home.

(Conditions include: prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, digestive issues, gluten-free and other food sensitivities, heartburn, insomnia, shift work, healthy weight management, etc.)

Other services for ‘eating well and putting it into practice’ includes: Menu Planning, Recipes, Stocking Your Kitchen, Label Reading, Cooking, Eating-on-a-Budget, Restaurant Eating, and Eating-on-the-Run.

Tarot Card Readings 

With a tarot card reading you can step into the grace and flow of the miracles that life is offering you.  Readings bring forth often profound new understanding and appreciation of your past and all the experiences you’ve had.  Use the past to launch you into the future of your dreams.

  • General Tarot Card reading – Spreads used for this reading include: 10-card Celtic Cross spread; 3-card spreads; and Yes/No spreads.
  • Personal Year Card reading – Empowers you to use the energies or influence of that particular year to your benefit and also indicates challenges you may encounter.
  • Lifetime reading – The personality card indicates life purpose, aspirations and lessons learned. And, the soul card indicates soul purpose and qualities that will assist you. 

Conflict Resolution Coaching

Are you frustrated with conflict in your relationships or at work?  Not knowing how to deal successfully with conflict is the worst!

As an objective 3rd party, we are able to listen and really hear your story because we are neither emotionally involved nor attached to the people or situation that you find challenging.  Sources of conflict and/or ethical dilemmas will emerge through a comprehensive assessment process.  Discover your beliefs, fears and triggers regarding conflict, as well as ‘their’ triggers will help you better understand the conflict at hand.  Learn about the different types of conflict and how best to handle them.  With this new found knowledge, you will benefit from practical personalized coaching to help you manage your frustration and address conflict.  You can be confident the next time that disagreement or conflict is lurking around the corner.


ThetaHealing is a mainstream energy modality that works to: (i) identify subconscious beliefs that hinder you in moving forward, (ii) release and replace belief programs with your permission, or (iii) instill feelings that make a difference to how you feel about yourself and your life.  The ThetaHealer goes into a theta brainwave, connects with Divine to pull negative programs that endlessly loop in your mind and replaces them with the correct positive programs from Creator. You know it works when you energy test positively.

Spiritual Coaching

Are you tired of feeling that something is missing in your life?  Have you experienced flashes of intuition and want more of them?  Can you quiet the monkey chatter in your mind?  Do you believe you may never have the life of your dreams?

This coaching offers you opportunities re-connect with your true self, your spiritual self.

  • Empowering your life through self-esteem
  • Accessing and trusting your intuition
  • Thriving in chaos and conflict – managing your personal energy system
  • Mindfulness and meditation practice
  • Creating and manifesting the life of your dreams

The aim of Spiritual coaching is to focus you on learning about and applying techniques so that you can transform in order to experience the present moment, serenity and connection with your inner wisdom.

What peeks your interest and your quest for knowledge?

Are you interested in a specific aspect of you, such as: inner peace, physical health and well-being, clarity of mind, positive thoughts, wisdom of your emotions and feelings, or connecting with the language of your soul?

Or, are you intrigued with the whole you, the mind-body-spirit integrated you?

What is your heart telling you?

You have your own unique challenges and strengths.  An in-depth personal assessment resulting in the identification of your needs and priorities is the first critical step.  This information filtered through a holistic lens creates the most meaningful plan of care for you.  By implementing your plan, you will gain insight about you, learn tools and tips, become aware of your inner wisdom and feel empowered to be a new you.

You will see that you have the ability to perceive your life and the world around you in a different way.  You have the potential to achieve enduring inner peace, have healthy relationships, experience vitality, wellness and balance, and see the benefits of looking at your life with an integrative holistic lens.


History of Health Insight

Health Insight was founded in 1994 by a Susan Shanks,  R.D.  Services were diverse and complementary and included individual nutrition/lifestyle assessment and counselling, public education, teaching in vocational schools, participation in health expos, TV appearances, media interviews and programming to hundreds of adolescents, adults and others.  In 2006, Health Insight’s vision became one of harmonizing body-mind-spirit to foster a sense of health, balance and joy in one’s life.


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